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How fast can I build my muscles?

Fortunately for us, there is no shortage of magazines, products and supplements that can bring us these results in just a few weeks / months!

For us, unfortunately, reality is incompatible. Yes, we can finally get the results that we pursue … as long as we invest time, energy, energy, discipline and dedication.

So, how do we get there? For most people – their superhero version should reduce fat and increase muscle. We touched on the topic of weight loss in a recent article.

If you have already read this article, you know that our advice, as a rule, begins cutting fat before packing the muscles, which is the subject of today’s article. If you are a person who looks even thinner on average, this article will also cover you.

As a skinny guy who has been trying to train muscles in a natural way over the past 15 years, I’ve made all the mistakes that I could make. I did my best to raise protein shakes, which made me happy. I went to the gym six days a week and followed the bodybuilder exercises and did my best to do more.

However, I have some key mistakes that have led to years of frustration, confusion and no progress.

In the last few years, after ten years of inconsistent progress, I deciphered the code and realized how to finally get the muscles that actually stalled. By many standards, I’m still not very big, but compared to the past, I’m an incredible Hulk:

You read this article because you are trying to build muscle and want to know how impatient you are.

I can tell you that depending on your body type, this kind of “muscle building in a natural way” is not easy. Otherwise, you will not read this on the Internet!

I spent 6 years studying and making mistakes, because I did not have the right strategy for getting results.

There is nothing worse than spending months or years in the gym, and doing what you think should be done, just take a scale and understand that you have not made any progress!

If you are a person who is concerned about wasting time or if you want an expert to develop an exercise and nutrition plan based on your current situation, think about how to consider our very popular online one-on-one training program!

Click on the picture below and if you want to learn more about how our coaching program helps people, how you build up your muscles, then scroll down to find out the truth about how many muscles you can naturally build:

How fast can I train my muscles?

Under optimal conditions, you can expect to add 1-2 pounds of muscle per month, although we find that for most insurgents almost one pound is a reality.

“Better conditions” means that you eat the right food and the right food, and you are training for muscle growth (we will explain below). Proper sleep is also absolutely necessary.

This also means that you are trying to use a sufficient number of needles for the muscles, but do not apply too much fat. Yes, you can go into full Hulk mode (“dirty volume”), just eat something and maximize muscle building … but it will be buried under the fat, you will have to rebuild and rebuild. Start the cycle.

While this is an effective way to increase muscle mass and strength, we often recommend playing with your diet and exercise so you can find the best place to build muscle there, not too much fat.

All this should say: “Yes, you can train your muscles, but it will not be the crazy amount that you read in the magazine if you do not take Dr. Starck’s Super Serum (ROIDS!). If the ads that you see in the muscles and fitness look like beautiful guys, do not expect that you will get exercise and protein shakes within 90 days.

Remember: under optimal conditions, muscle growth is expected to be 1-2 pounds per month. Is there any possible exception for the rapid production of energy and muscle mass? Advantages of Noob.