5 Myths for Muscle Building

How many times have you heard conflicting information about building muscles? Every time I enter the gym, I open a new window. , correctly? Everyone likes to think that they are experts to open a new window. Gather your rights.

However, do not rely on the information you collect between squats, but instead require professional advice from professionals … We went to qualified experts to help destroy some of the worst and most common myths about muscle building. Do not let these misunderstandings prevent the opening of a new window. ,

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Myth 1: when it comes to muscle building, more protein is better

No more, it’s just more. “Thirty grams of protein – the size of your beef, pork, lamb, veal, poultry, fish, seafood and / or eggs – is what you need to build muscle with any meal,” said Leslie Bonchy. , RDN, the active dietary advice of LDN opens a new window. This amount can give you about 8 grams of essential amino acids and about 2 g of leucine. “If you consume more than 30 grams in food, you may not see higher growth. However, if you are inflated, you may have a risk of gaining weight, but if you build muscle, trying to lose weight, it will not be so good, because the rest will be saved. As a result, you will consume more calories instead of being strategic for your macro.

Myth 2: you need a BCAA supplement to build muscle

“Although branched chain amino acids (BCAA) are necessary for optimal muscle health, no fantastic supplements are needed before and after training. You need food, “Dana Angelo White opened a new window. , R.D., C.P.T. These specialized protein building blocks are found in eggs, chicken, cheese, salmon and vegetable proteins, including peanut butter, cereals and beans. White said: “Most people get enough food without adding powder.” Foods containing BCAAs will benefit the body in various ways.

Myth 3: Vegetarians complicate the muscles

“People often abandon the idea of ​​vegetarianism because they believe that they can not build muscle without traditional sources of protein such as chicken, beef and eggs,” Ricky Davis added in a new window. , C.P.T, the head teacher of The Wall Fitness in Beverly Hills. But there are many food sources that allow vegetarians to get enough protein and other important nutrients. “Tempe is the most easily missed source of protein for vegetarians, it’s a great alternative to meat,” Davis said. Tempeh is made from fermented and cooked soybeans, one cup contains 30 grams of protein. This is the “ideal amount for eating,” Davis added. Other sources include vegan protein powders and smaller protein sources, including Ezekiw, buckwheat, hummus, Chia seeds, flax seeds and chickpeas.

Myth 4: If you stop exercising, muscles become fat

“Muscles and fats are two completely different types of tissue,” Jim White, R.N.N., owner of Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios, opened the new window. The muscles do not become fat, and they do not become muscles. Then what happens when you stop exercising opens a new window. ? “If we do not continue to use it, the muscle tissue will decrease in size, and the fat cells will increase in size, but not

Myth 5: Keep your muscles, you should eat protein every few hours

“Do not think that you need to wander around a lunch box filled with Greek yogurt and cooked eggs, or you will break,” Destini Moody, RDN , C.P.T. He said. Some people think that you need to eat protein every three to four hours, although it’s good for fighting hunger, but this does not apply to the growth or maintenance of muscles. “As long as you get all the protein that you need throughout the day, you will not lose muscle mass,” Moody said. “Just make sure that the protein is distributed as evenly as possible between your meals.”